“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” PETER DRUCKER

As homeowners, we value our personal surroundings and take comfort in the security of our homes. At The Iron Spindle, we realize that we are guests in your home and understand the responsibility that comes with working within your space.

From the moment we meet and greet you there should be no doubt that you are dealing with a reputable and conscientious company. Our staff is uniformed, knowledgeable, courteous, clean, diligent, but also careful.

The installation process is relatively straight forward. We use up-to-date equipment and processes to complete your renovation. By doing this and implementing attention to detail we contribute the least amount of impact on your surroundings while maximizing a quality outcome. The following is an
outline of how we operate on a general installation project.

1. Upon arriving for the installation, a general assessment is
made to determine how to best set up the work station for the least impact on your surroundings. This is discussed and
agreed on with homeowner.

2. If needed, small pieces of furniture, pictures, etc. are moved. Floor and
stair coverings are put down for protection.

3. Wood spindles are carefully removed.

4. Area is vacuumed.

5. Handrail is prepped and if needed, holes are drilled to accommodate the wrought iron spindles.

6. Area is vacuumed.

7. Iron spindles are measured and cut.

8. Spindles are dry fit with shoes.

9. Spindles are glued in place using a high grade epoxy and Furniture grade
hot glue.

10. Area is cleaned and shoes are secured in place.

Customer satisfaction in all aspects of the process is paramount. We understand what a good reputation means. Positive word of mouth advertising is how
we continue to operate.

“Well done is better than well said.” BENJAMIM FRANKLIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When replacing wooded spindles with wrought iron spindles do you have to replace the handrail?

A: No. In most all cases the handrail does not need to be replaced.

Q: Does replacing the wooden spindles with iron weaken the overall structure?

A: No. If anything, it strengthens the handrail. Most wooden spindles are attached to the handrail and stairs via a small dab of wood glue. With the addition of the high grade epoxy and furniture grade hot glue on both the handrail and stairs the structure is solid and safe.

Q: How long does a typical installation take?

A: Most jobs can be completed in one day.

Q: What are some of the more common designs?

A: Some common design layout combinations are:

• Twist-Single Basket-Twist

• Long Twist-Double Basket-Long Twist

• Single Basket-Double Basket-Single Basket

• Single Flame-Double Flame-Single Flame

• Single Knuckle-Double Knuckle-Single Knuckle

• Single Twist-Single Twist-Double Basket

Q: How much are wrought iron spindles installed?

A: There are a few of variables that determine the cost of an installation and need to be answered prior to a cost figure. First, how old is your home?  Second, how many spindles or balusters do
you have in your staircase? Third, what types of iron spindles do you want? Forth, how do you want the combination or configuration laid out? For
example, if you have 30 wooden spindles and you are interested in only the single plain bar, the total cost for the spindles and installation
including shoes would be around $475.00.

Q: How many different styles do I have to choose from?

A: Currently, we have over 75 styles of Solid Wrought Iron to choose from. All styles are stock in satin black.  View catalog for other color options, here.

Q: What methods of payment do you take?

A: We take Cash, Check and Credit Card.